Community Energy Resources

Community Energy Strategy” – A January 2014 report from the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change

Community Energy Strategy Update” – A March 2015 report from the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change

Guidance on community ownership models under the Feed-in Tariffs scheme” – A March 2015 document from the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change

Local Electricity Supply: Opportunities, archetypes and outcomes” – A March 2015 report from the University of Leeds

Non-traditional business models: Supporting transformative change in the energy market” – A February 2015 Ofgem discussion paper

Connecting Community Energy – A guide to getting a network connection” – A joint guide from Regen SW and Western Power Distribution

The power to transform the South West – “How to meet the region’s energy needs through renewable energy generation”. Commissioned by Molly Scott Cato MEP and funded by the Green/EFA group in the European Parliament

Local Supply: Options for Selling Your Energy Locally” – A June 2015 report from Stephens Scown / Regen SW

The Regen SW Community Support Programme – “Helps communities to think about and progress renewable energy projects in their area”

The South Brent Wind Turbine – Progress reports on the South Brent Community Energy Society’s wind turbine near Marley Head in Devon

The Westmill Solar Co-operative – “1,658 members passionate about community renewable energy” in Wiltshire

The Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network – “WREN’s strategy is simply to go back to a future where local energy resources complement central generation and supply”

The Plymouth Energy Community – “Our primary mission is to give the people of Plymouth the power to transform how they buy, use and even generate power in the city”

Exeter Community Energy – “Aims to develop community-owned renewable energy projects in Exeter, which creates a local green energy supply that improves Exeter’s energy security and resilience”

The Bristol Energy Cooperative – “A community-owned energy cooperative, growing Greater Bristol’s local green energy supply and making the benefits available to all.”

The Avalon Community Energy Co-operative – “We are a community owned co-operative, set up to supply green energy for the benefit of all in the local area. Renewable energy generation is an exciting opportunity for our local communities to work together to create their own source of safe, secure and affordable energy”