IEEE Unveils Transportation Electrification Web Portal

Last month the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers announced their new Transportation Electrification Initiative, together with the accompanying IEEE Transportation Electrification Web Portal. According to the IEEE:

The IEEE TE Web Portal is intended as a resource for manufacturers, engineers, computer scientists, researchers, policymakers, educators, academics, and governments, as well as consumers and other stakeholders interested in learning about various aspects of transportation electrification.

which covers a non trivial percentage of the population of the planet!  The IEEE then goes on to itemise the resources they intend to make available:

The IEEE TE Web Portal is the go-to source for articles and technical publications related to transportation electrification. It is also a dedicated resource for news items on the latest TE developments happening around the world; updates on standards and standards projects; and educational conferences and events. Additionally, it offers a roster of companies, universities, government institutions, IEEE Societies, and industry associations essential to the development and deployment of electric vehicles and electrified transportation.

All in all a treasure trove for those of us:

Drawn together with one common passion; to make Transportation Electrification a reality.

As one example of the sort of educational material the IEEE is making available through their new portal, here’s a brief video on the topic of “Hybrid and Plug-In Vehicle Systems”:

Will that be sufficient to persuade you to join the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society and/or purchase the VTS video lecture being advertised?

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