Europe’s PowerUp Project Releases V2G Conformance Testing Suite

Almost exactly a year since they first released their V2G interface specification the EU funded PowerUp project has now released a V2G interface conformance testing suite. According to the announcement on their web site:

The PowerUp project has published the TTCN-3 based implementation of the conformance test cases which it has developed for testing ISO/IEC 15118-2 protocol implementations, i.e. the V2G application protocol.

With this publication, a V2G standards compliance testing suite has been made available for the first time. The PowerUp team believes that this testing suite will prove to be valuable for the validation and maturing of V2G system implementations which incorporate the ISO/IEC 15118 standards.

Further extensions of this TTCN-3 suite, along with its incorporation into the ISO/IEC 15118-4 V2G testing standard are possible.

The conformance testing suite and associated documentation can be downloaded from the PowerUp web site.

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