An Open Letter to Mel Stride, George Osborne, David Cameron et al.

Productivity Plan? NegaWatts are cheaper than MegaWatts!


To: Mel Stride MP
Cc: William Dartmouth MEP
Cc: Ashley Fox MEP
Cc: Julie Girling MEP
Cc: Clare Moody MEP
Cc: Julia Reid MEP
Cc: Molly Scott Cato MEP


Hello again Mel,

Further to our previous conversations about UK plc’s so called energy policy, I urge you to protest in the strongest possible terms to Messrs Cameron and Osborne about the following paragraph in the Chancellor’s so called “Productivity Plan“:

The government does not intend to proceed with the zero carbon Allowable Solutions carbon offsetting scheme, or the proposed 2016 increase in on-site energy efficiency standards.

Do they not comprehend that NegaWatts are cheaper than MegaWatts? Do they not realise how many research hours at Exeter University they are unceremoniously flushing down the pan, or the effect those innocent sounding words will have on the forthcoming “South West Exeter” housing development in Teignbridge? Are they deliberately setting out to destroy investment in the “Energy Efficiency” and “Renewable Energy” industries in South West England in general, and in your constituency in particular, or do they simply have no idea what they are doing?

I await your substantive response at your earliest convenience, and preferably sooner.

Yours in shock,

Jim Hunt

Smart Grid Consultant
V2G Limited

P.S. According to Andrew Marr “We’re all still dancing on the precipice”

6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Mel Stride, George Osborne, David Cameron et al.

  1. Pulling the plug on low carbon housing

    Dear Mel,

    I spoke to your office on Monday, and was assured that my message had been received. However I have yet to hear back from you.

    Yesterday I attended the annual conference of the all party Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group. Many of the speakers decried the Government’s decision to “pull the plug on low carbon housing”. Julie Hirigoyen, CEO of the UK Green Buildings Council, said that:

    It’s effectively wiping out a decade’s investment.

    At the joint Summer Reception of PRASEG and the Sustainable Energy Association at Portcullis House in the evening Lord Deben, Chair of the Committee on Climate Change gave a rousing speech:

    He said to the assembled throng that:

    If everybody here made sure that they went to their Member of Parliament between now and August 1st that would make a hugely important impact at this point.

    I still await your substantive response.

    Yours in Westminster,

    Jim Hunt

    Smart Grid Consultant
    V2G Limited

    P.S. Here’s how to build a zero carbon home on time and on budget:

  2. UKGBC open letter to George Osborne

    Dear Mel,

    At the PRASEG annual conference on July 14th I pointed out to Julie Hirigoyen, Chief Executive of the UK Green Building Council, that:

    Personally I am appalled by the Government’s decision to pull the plug on zero carbon homes.

    It seems that Julie and many others concur with that sentiment since the UKGBC has just issued a press release announcing that they too have published an “open letter” to the Chancellor of the Exchequer:

    More than 200 businesses from the construction, property and renewable energy industries have today urged the Chancellor to reconsider the Government’s sudden U-turn over the long-established zero carbon homes policy.

    In the Chancellor’s productivity plan “Fixing the foundations”, George Osborne unexpectedly axed the policy designed to ensure that all new homes built from 2016 meet zero carbon standards – together with a sister policy that applied to all new non-residential buildings such as offices, schools and hospitals from 2019.

    In an open letter to the Chancellor, senior leaders from 246 organisations warn that the policy U-turn has “undermined industry confidence in Government” and will “curtail investment in British innovation and manufacturing”.

    What are your personal views on this evidently hot topic across the United Kingdom as well as in your own constituency?

    Yours patiently waiting,

    Jim Hunt

    Smart Grid Consultant
    V2G Limited

  3. I have yet to receive a reply from any of the other recipients to my series of emails above.

    However Molly Scott Cato MEP has just informed me that she has written an “open letter” of her own concerning the issues I raised. In this case it’s addressed to Amber Rudd, the new Secretary of State at the Department of Energy & Climate Change. It can be viewed at:

    MEP challenges Energy Secretary over attacks on renewable industry

    I hope if Amber Rudd is to stay in her post as Energy Secretary she will spend some time educating herself about renewable energy. If she takes time to read the report she will learn about the diverse mix of renewable energy resources available in the South West and the huge potential it offers both for quality jobs and long term energy security…

    It is the Tories misinformed and ideological opposition to renewable technologies that will leave us at risk of inadequate supply, since we know that nuclear and fracking cannot come on steam as rapidly as wind and solar. It will also destroy the jobs and growth potential offered by the sector.

  4. I have now received a response from my Member of Parliament. Here it is:

    Thank you for contacting me about zero carbon buildings.

    The sustainability of buildings is crucial to carbon reduction in Britain. However, the Government is clear that this needs to be done in the most practical and cost-effective way possible.

    A consultation on zero carbon homes was launched last year. It was made clear that the Government recognises that achieving the zero carbon standard might be particularly challenging for small builders. It subsequently announced earlier this year , that there would be an exemption from part of the zero carbon commitment for small sites.

    In the Summer Budget 2015, the Government further announced that it would no longer proceed with the proposed 2016 increase in on-site energy efficiency standards or with the zero carbon Allowable Solutions carbon offsetting scheme.

    At a time when the country is attempting to increase housing supply, I do not believe that the construction industry needs additional red tape. I believe that the Government is right to reduce the burden of regulation on house builders and planning authorities. I am pleased that there are now nearly 800,000 more homes today compared to 2009 and I look forward to a substantial increase in this number over the course of this parliament.

    It is reassuring to know that the Government is continuing to keep energy efficiency standards under review while existing measures become more fully established.

    Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.

    With best wishes

    Yours sincerely

    Mel Stride

  5. Great letters Jim. Abysmal reply from Mel Stride.
    He and his ilk are simply storing up 800,000 problems, and counting, for future generations who’ll surely look back in disgust and sorrow at the legacy left to them by the crop of fools, charlatans and cowards in this sorry excuse for a government.

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