Ukraine War Wholesale Electricity Prices in the UK

Regular readers may recall some of my previous musings on UK electricity prices during previous “shocks” to UK energy markets? The latest proximate cause of apparently absurdly elevated prices is the ongoing war in Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

Here are the maximum UK wholesale electricity prices for the last 3 days according to Drax Electric Insights:

Here too are the Epex Spot day ahead electricity prices across much of Europe for later this evening:

Watch this space!

15 thoughts on “Ukraine War Wholesale Electricity Prices in the UK

  1. Here’s Monday’s update on UK wholesale electricity prices. Firstly the Drax Electric Insights data for March 6th:

    Followed by the Epex Spot day ahead prices for this evening:

  2. It seems the answer to the question I posed this morning is “Yes!”.

    Here’s the day ahead Epex Spot daily electricity pricing for tomorrow:

    and here’s the UK worst case hourly price:

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