Nissan, Kyushu Electric and ELEX Announce V2B Pilot Project

The following is based on Google’s translation of a Nissan press release currently only available in the original Japanese. Please forgive any inadvertent errors or omissions on my part!

Kyushu Electric Power Company Ltd., ELEX Corporation and Nissan Motor Company Ltd. have announced a pilot V2B project for corporate customers:

In January 2019 we will jointly start a V2B (Vehicle-to-Building) pilot project to reduce maximum power demand:


In this project, we will provide a Nissan LEAF and bi-directional charging station to corporate customers in order to verify the effects of reducing customer’s demand by utilizing the electricity stored in electric vehicles batteries, and also use by the customer as an emergency power source.

Through this project, each company aims to acquire knowledge regarding the creation of new services utilizing EVs, and we will also consider future commercialization.

It looks as though peak shaving is the name of the game:


Please watch this space for any further English language news about the project.

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