Have a Very Merry V2X Christmas

Season’s greetings from Lisa the LEAF and everyone else here at the V2G Group in North Cornwall.

We wish you all peace and joy as another Covid constrained Christmas beckons with UK electricity prices still sky high:

Lisa the LEAF powering the V2G Group Xmas tree using DC V2H technology

We drive the wind here in Cornwall. Lisa also does Vehicle-to-Xmas-Tree (V2X for short!)

3 thoughts on “Have a Very Merry V2X Christmas

  1. As well as keeping our Christmas tree lights blazing, Lisa also helps us cook Christmas dinner. By way of preparation she supplied us with electricity purchased in the small hours of the morning in order to bake these vegan, gluten free carrot cakes and sesame flavoured bread:

    V2B also stands for Vehicle-to-Bread?

    We bake with the wind here in Kernow!

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