The New Renault 5 Mobilizes V2G

Renault have released more details about the forthcoming Renault 5, and it’s excellent news to our ears:

The future electric Renault 5 will be Renault’s first car to come with a bidirectional on-board charger.

Over the years we have covered at some length Renault’s experiments with ZOEs modified to include bi-directional capabilities, and we are pleased to hear that AC V2G will finally be going into production in the shape of the new Renault 5.

A previous press release revealed the external shape of the new R5 outside Stade Roland Garros:

Now we get to see the internals too! According to Renault:

The future electric Renault 5 will be Renault’s first car to come with a bidirectional on-board charger.

Thanks to the R5’s bi-directional charger, combined with the Mobilize Powerbox bidirectional charging station and the Mobilize V2G service, Renault 5 drivers will save on charging and reduce their overall electricity bill by selling electricity back to the power grid:

The future Renault 5 electric will be the first in a long series of cars to come equipped with the brand-new bidirectional charger. The innovative architecture integrates hardware such as natively reversible electrotechnical components and electrical-current management software, which will provide ongoing access to the Mobilize V2G service while preserving battery capacity:

In addition to reinjecting electricity into the power grid, the bidirectional charger can also be used to power an electric barbecue for an outdoor picnic or a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside areas of the future electric Renault 5 (V2L or ‘vehicle-to-load’ function for powering electrical appliances). Thanks to a Renault-designed adapter connected to the vehicle’s charging socket, the future electric Renault 5 can provide the same energy output as a 220-volt power outlet.

The Mobilize V2G service will be available from the launch of Renault 5 in France and Germany in 2024, then in the United Kingdom in 2025.

Perhaps we’ll have to move to France in order to finally exploit the long promised benefits of V2x, delivered at long last by a reasonably priced electric vehicle accompanied by reasonably priced wallbox?

V2G EVSE Limited's AC V2x Wallbox
V2G EVSE Limited’s AC V2x Wallbox

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  1. A press release from Mobilize adds some more details on the charging station designed to accompany the launch of the new Renault 5 E-Tech:

    Mobilize PowerBox, the smart, connected, secure and bidirectional charging station, starts production at LACROIX’s Symbiose electronics plant located in Beaupréau-en-Mauges (Maine-et-Loire, France) with an initial capacity of 65,000 units/year.

    The charging station is available in four versions. One of the bidirectional versions (V2G) not only allows users to charge their vehicle but also to send electricity back to the grid. Its connectivity contributes to an intelligent management of the electricity grid. With the “My PowerBox” app, the load control and monitoring of these four versions is done remotely.

    To adapt to the different needs of individuals and professionals, Mobilize PowerBox is available in four versions:

    The UNO version: for individuals looking for a simple and secure home charging solution.

    The UNO PLUS version: for infrastructures installed in companies or apartment blocks. It incorporates an RFID card reader to ensure that only authorized users have access to the charge. This will give the manager better traceability of usage.

    The UNO PRO version: for charging stations that would be accessible to the public and for charging stations installed at employees’ homes. This version has an RFID reader and a MID (Measurement Instruments Directive) meter for electricity rebilling. The MID meter simplifies the reimbursement of employees’ professional expenses by certifying the electricity consumed during home charging.

    The VERSO version: (bidirectional): to charge the vehicle but also to send electricity back to users’ home grid and the public grid. This version will generate significant savings for users. Thanks to alternating current technology, Mobilize PowerBox VERSO allows as many people as possible to access the bidirectional charging of their vehicle, thereby helping maximize the impact of smart energy management. This two-way charging station will be available for the launch of the electric Renault 5.

    All these versions will benefit from automatic updates and remote diagnostics (FOTA, firmware over the air) via WiFi or Ethernet connection. They will be equipped with a type 2 secure socket or a 6.5 m cable (outside France). The UNO PRO and VERSO versions also have a 4G connection.

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