IEC 63110-1 Committee Draft for Vote Draws Near

Please read on to discover the latest news from the smoke filled back offices of the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC for short) electric vehicle standards development committees.

Here once again is the roadmap for the development of the IEC 63110 international standard defining a protocol for the management of electric vehicles charging and discharging infrastructures:


Part 1 of the standard (IEC 63110-1 for short) concerns itself with potential EV charging and discharging use cases. As we have previously mentioned the committee produced a draft document for comment many months ago. The original draft has now been modified to incorporate the suggestions contained in several hundred comments received from around the world. A grand total of zero of those comments emanated from the United Kingdom. The committee is issuing one final call for informal suggestions for further vehicle-to-grid use cases before their next face to face meeting which will be held in Seoul, South Korea starting on June 18th 2019. At that meeting the Committee Draft for Vote (CDV) document for 63110-1 will be finalised, following which the assorted national committees that make up the IEC will vote on the committee’s proposals.

Meanwhile the IEC 63110 part 2 (IEC 63110-2) task force looking into possible options for “message encoding and transmission technology” to be included in the standard are also currently completing their work. It was agreed on the IEC Technical Committee 69 Joint Working Group 11 (TC 69/JWG 11 PT1 and PT2 web conference calls earlier this week that the Seoul meeting should be extended by a day in order to finalise this aspect of part 2 of the standard. By way of example, version 2 of the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP 2.0) specifies using JSON encoding over RFC 6455 WebSockets transport, but the task force have been considering a wide range of other possibilities.

Should you have any thoughts on these thorny eMobility topics then please do not hesitate to get in touch at your earliest convenience. After the TC 69/JWG 11 meeting in Seoul these matters will be starting to be set in stone (SSS for short).

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