Merging/Migrating OCPP to IEC 63110

Today’s article is another in our occasional series endeavouring to explain the arcane world of international standards. Hence it is more technical than is usual here on the V2G UK blog, but it is possibly even more relevant than the latest V2x announcements from assorted electric vehicle manufacturers.

This morning I attended the first meeting of an IEC Technical Committee 69 Joint Working Group 11 task force set up to develop an “information document” aiming to provide helpful advice to EV charging station manufacturers as they develop future “smart grid” enabled products. This document will be more like the British Standards Institution’s recently released PAS 1878 “specification” than a full blown international standard, albeit hopefully nowhere near as long!

By way of an example of the sort of things that were discussed in the meeting here is an infographic from PAS 1878 which hopefully illustrates the extensive overlap between the BSI’s concept of a future “smart home” and the related concepts emerging from the work of the European CENELEC Technical Committee 205 and other standards development committees:

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Electric Vehicles as “Energy Smart Appliances”

The British Standards Institution has just published a new “specification”, and unlike most BSI “standards” this one is free to download, as long as you don’t mind parting with an email address. As the download page puts it:

BSI is working with the UK Government to encourage the uptake of safe, secure and interoperable Energy Smart Appliances (ESAs). These are needed for the active management of demand on the electricity network, known as Demand Side Response (DSR). PAS 1878 is a critical component in this because it details the requirements and criteria necessary to make an energy smart appliance compatible with DSR activities.

At this point you may have a couple of question, such as “What on Earth is a PAS?”. The BSI have a ready answer for that question:

A PAS (Publicly Available Specification) is a fast-track standardization document – the result of an expert consulting service from BSI. It defines good practice for a product, service or process. It’s a powerful way to establish the integrity of an innovation or approach.

The next obvious question is “What has this got to do with electric vehicles and/or vehicle-to-grid technology?”. The answer to which is that a “smart” EV charging station is a special case of an interoperable Energy Smart Appliance. As the foreword to PAS 1878 states:

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IEC 63110-1 Committee Draft for Vote Draws Near

Please read on to discover the latest news from the smoke filled back offices of the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC for short) electric vehicle standards development committees.

Here once again is the roadmap for the development of the IEC 63110 international standard defining a protocol for the management of electric vehicles charging and discharging infrastructures:

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Last Call for IEC 63110 Use Case Submissions

Our regular reader(s) will be aware that quite some time ago I suggested that:

There’s a few more urgent things to be ticked off on the to do list. How about OCPP 2.0 or even fully fledged British and international standards for “smart charging”, V2B and ultimately pukka V2G protocols for starters?

I am happy to now be able to report that my wish has come true! An international standard is now being developed for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE for short) communications with the “back office”, including vehicle to grid (V2G for short) functionality. For my sins I now sit on IEC technical committee 69 joint working group 11 (TC69/JWG11 for short). According to the Wikipedia article on the subject, which I wrote:

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