IEC 63110 Project Team 2 Kicks Off

In our continuing endeavour to explain the arcane workings of the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC for short) electric vehicle standards development committees we have some exciting news to report!

As predicted last November:


it was agreed at the IEC Technical Committee 69 Joint Working Group 11 (TC 69/JWG 11 for short) meeting in Toronto last week that work on the IEC 63110 part 2 standard (IEC 63110-2 for short) should begin by setting up a task force (TF for short) to “evaluate possible options for message encoding and transmission technology”. We swiftly volunteered for the new task force, not least because our V2G EVSE subsidiary is already evaluating precisely that for the United Kingdom’s Department for Transport (DfT for short).

In actual fact the Project Team 1 (PT1 for short) schedule has slipped a bit, so if you still have any out of the ordinary new “protocol for the management of electric vehicles charging and discharging infrastructures” use cases to bring to our attention there is still time before the Committee Draft (CD for short) stage of the IEC process is reached. In addition if you have any suggestions for “message encoding and transmission technologies” above and/or beyond the industry standard TCP/IP over cellular comms please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the existing IEC 63110 Security Task Force is still seeking input from suitably qualified experts in that particularly important domain.

3 thoughts on “IEC 63110 Project Team 2 Kicks Off

  1. We can offer. Ev campervan that charged from caravan site hook up. We say any site offering 16A and the power is used for power in the van living area. Any good?
    Also I am an electrical engineer with a phd in ev battery management so we might be able to offer more research consultancy as well as practical trials.

    • Hi Gill,

      That particular use case isn’t on the JWG 11 list at the moment, but it doesn’t sound as though it requires any elaborate protocols for negotiating a charging session with “back office” software somewhere in the clouds?

      Certificateless plug and charge at its simplest?

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