Will GB Energy be keen on V2G?

Just in case you missed the news, the Labour Party have been holding their annual conference this week. During his well received speech current Labour Party leader Keir Starmer had this to say:

We will set up Great British Energy in the first year of a Labour Government. A new company that takes advantage of the opportunities in clean British power. And because it is right for jobs. Because it is right for growth. Because it is right for energy independence from tyrants like Putin…

The exciting news about the potential “GB Energy” publicly-owned low carbon energy company seems to have been generally well received. For example the New Civil Engineer had this to say:

Labour leader Keir Starmer’s plan to create a publicly-owned renewable energy company is a positive step for the industry, according to Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit senior analyst Jess Ralston.

At the Labour Party conference, Starmer announced proposals to create the new company, named Great British Energy, if Labour wins the next general election.

The company would be similar to France’s EDF and aim to ensure an expansion in clean energy, focusing on offshore wind, onshore wind, nuclear, solar, hydrogen and tidal power.

Ralston told NCE that the clean power industry will be “boosted” by the plans.

“The devil will be in the detail but more broadly it does show that Labour clearly see clean power – whether it be nuclear or wind, solar and renewables – as the future of the energy system and putting government money behind it would help investors see the security there and help private investment be leveraged as well,” she said.

A few years ago, in the days when Jeremy Corbyn was Labour leader, John McDonnell had this to say concerning vehicle-to-grid technology:

Speaking on the Today programme, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell announced that Labour will introduce 2.5 million interest free loans for the purchase of electric cars.

The loans of up to £33,000 will allow low to income households, those living in rural areas and independent contractors and SMEs middle to save on new electric cars. The government will cover the £1,500 cost of interest on a loan, with individuals saving up to £5,000 over time.
The scheme will ensure that access to the Electric Car Revolution is broadened beyond elites, as part of Labour’s vision of clean transport for everyone.

The interest-free loans will require participation in a mass trial of Vehicle-2-Grid technology which will allow the UK to transition to renewable energy.

This new technology will allow electric cars to store excess energy from the national grid, smoothing energy supply from renewable sources.
The scheme will boost the British automobile industry and support the UK’s transition away from petrol and diesel cars.

One cannot help but wonder what views the current Shadow Chancellor,
Rachel Reeves, holds on the three letter acronym most dear to our hearts here at V2G UK?

Ditto for the current Chancellor of the Great British Exchequer!

Watch this space!

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