Robin Berg’s TEDx talk on “A new local energy and transport system”

I had the pleasure of meeting Robin Berg in Utrecht last summer at the launch of the LomboXnet solar PV powered bi-directional vehicle to grid system. Here is a video of Robin’s recent presentation at TEDx Utrecht:

Robin says many interesting and enlightening things, but for the moment please consider this one:

Tomorrow your car will run electric. The day after it will power your house. It will be 100% renewable, it will be 100% clean, and it will be the end of coal, oil and gas.

2 thoughts on “Robin Berg’s TEDx talk on “A new local energy and transport system”

  1. Further more, we will not need service stations and petrol stations. How will government get lost revenue from petrol excise ?

    • It has been suggested that a “carbon tax” might be a good idea?

      You’d still need to “fill up” your car and your stomach on long journeys surely? Plus empty your bladder from time to time! I don’t see that sort of “service station” disappearing in a hurry.

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